Sunday, December 4, 2011

My hair today....

10 day old mini twist after my first wash.

8 months Natural and This is What I Know

1. It took time to get use to seeing myself with my natural hair.

2. It is ok if my edges are not sleeked down with gel. It is ok to be kinky.

3. Sometimes frizziness will be a part of my life. It "frizz what it frizz'. lol

4. My hair is unique to me. What works for others may or may not work for me. Don't compare my hair to others.

5. I don't need a lot of products to take care of my hair.
(After spending hundreds of dollars, my current rountine includes: water, shea butter, castor oil, EVOO, DC (egg and mayo), aussie moist conditioner and shea moisture shampoo.

6. My hair is a conversation piece. Good or bad people will have something to say about my hair.

7. My natural hair is very professional.

8. I need to focus on the health of my hair more than length.

9. Most naturals have that dream/nightmare about someone relaxing your hair. (When I had mine, I woke up ready to fight, lol).

10. Embracing and accepting my natural hair, gave me a confidence that I never had before and that confidence and self acceptance flows to my 8 year old daughter.

I have a lot more to learn on this journey and I am so looking forward to what is ahead